Saturday, August 13, 2011

I May or May Not Be Indecisive

  Ask my family to describe me in one word and they will likely say "indecisive". I don't like being that way but it just sort of ... happens. Take me to a new restaurant with an unfamiliar menu and I'm a mess. I have learned to hide it most of the time to avoid appearing like a crazy goon but, when quilting, it oftentimes overtakes me.

  There are SO many decisions to make before even sewing a stitch! Will the recipient value it? What is their decor style and colors? What pattern should I use? Which fabrics? Paper piece? Or not? What size? And then later... Which batting? Professional quilter or... me? Freehand custom or computerized all-over design? And what color thread? Bias binding? Label? Whew! I'm exhausted just typing this!

  I think I am the reason they started selling quilt kits. Most of the decisions have already been made for you! Trouble is, I always look at the price and say, "One hundred, sixty-nine dollars! I could make it for less than that!". So I am back to where I started from.

  I just finished "That Dorky Homemade Look" by Lisa Boyer. Love her sense of humor and can't wait to read her other book, "Stash Envy". My favorite chapter addresses just this problem. She says the solution is to 1.Make the best decision you can  2.execute it, and 3. learn to love your results. It is really freeing to let go of the stress and not over think it. That way I am not so overwhelmed before I even start that I don't do anything. (Which has happened to me on many occasions)
  Join me as I strive to love my decisions, even if they include some mistakes. Now, what to make for dinner? Sooo many choices!
Blessings to you~


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  1. Now, see? I'm exactly the opposite, which is its OWN frustration! I tend to make very fast, firm decisions without thinking it through to the next 6 years or so. Put us together and we'd be unstoppable! :)

    I like the "learn to love your results" step. No matter how anything turns out...even beef shishkabobs (dinner idea)....if it was made with love, the results should be loved, too.

    This was SUCH a good post! And made me laugh!

  2. Oh Mary! I am definitely married to someone from the same gene pool as you! Got asked out to a new place called the Norwegian Grill(!?)to eat so no cooking tonight! Thanks!