Monday, June 13, 2011

A Hug From God

 Isn't she a beauty?
 I spotted her two weeks ago at the Goodwill store. I didn't buy her that day because I thought ninety dollars was a lot of money to spend on something I could live without. When I got home, I called a friend who knows everything about old Singers. She was a sweetie and went to check it out the next day. She LOVED it and said I shouldn't be afraid to buy it for that price. But I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
 So two weeks passed and I dropped in the store again. When I asked an employee what color tags were 50% off this week and he said "pink" I went running to where the machine had been! And there she was, in all her glory, waiting for me. With a pink tag.
I smiled like a kid in a candy store as I paid and drove home. At times like this I am reminded of just how much God loves me. He chose to bless me with something he knew I wanted but didn't really need. He made sure it was still there and half price to top it all off. All I can say is that it feels like a GIANT hug from God. No special reason. Just because.

I've contacted the same friend who first checked it out and she said she would take a look at it for me. I figure, even if it doesn't work, all it really needs to do is sit there and look pretty! I am in the process of trying to identify it so if anyone can help me out I would sure appreciate it.

I hope you get an unexpected hug too~


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  1. Wow Luci! You weren't kidding! That is one beautiful machine! I'm sure you will enjoy having that on display in your home. I'll bet you smile every time you catch a glimpse of it. God is awesome!

    Have a super day!

  2. Oh, my goodness, that's gorgeous, Luci!!!
    This is going to sound funny, but I think they're so feminine looking and homey. I wish our modern sewing machines had more curves like that; I like the capabilities they have, but they're really so industrial and...forgive me for saying this...ugly.

    What a blessing!
    Yes, a hug from God, indeed!

  3. I knew there was a reason I was referring to this machine as a "she". Yes Mary! Curvy and feminine!
    Thanks for checking it out, Jennifer.

  4. Ir is a work of art if it never sews a stitch! Very pretty and I'm glad it was meant to be.

  5. That is totally wonderful. I keep thinking I will find a great deal on an old Featherweight....but so far it hasn't happened.

  6. I would LOVE a Featherweight too, Gene. They run about $350-$400 where I live. The machine in this post is very heavy. I won't be packing it around much!

  7. Yay! I can't believe it lasted that long. Congratulations Luci.

  8. Found out it is a 1921 Model 115 with Tiffany details painted on.