Friday, August 19, 2011

Bonus Quilt

I was lamenting to my son last night about never having any original ideas. I almost always have to see some one else's idea before it becomes even a microscopic blip on my brain's creativity radar screen. Then I think, "Now why didn't I think of that!". It's as if my brain is finite, with set boundaries that cannot be expanded. It cannot be forced to go places that don't exist. I do not like fiction books and I didn't teach my kids fairy tales or nursery rhymes. Sad, huh? Kind of makes it awkward during those baby shower nursery rhyme games. Haha! This is why I present to you, with great pride, exhibit A.
 There was no pattern. After what you've just read this is shocking, I know. I had some left over floral fabric from the back of this quilt and wanted to showcase it somehow because I think it is so pretty. I got right brain stretch marks from trying to figure out ways to use what I had and turn it into something of a usable size. I had to piece one of the large flowers to get the number of blocks I needed. In some circles this is seen as tacky. In the senior center quilt group where I volunteer, it is a badge of honor. To depression era folks (the first one, not the one we are in now), it means you were frugal and used what you had in your hand. It is something to be praised and admired.
 I won't tell them I had to go out and buy the border fabric to pull my "bonus quilt " all together. Shhh!

Blessings to you~   


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  1. It's beautiful, Lucy! The mix of pink and yellow and green is lovely. I like the idea of quilts being pieced to use up the scraps. It makes sense to me in some way.