Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Same... Only Different

I've been busy stitching but in a different form. I decided to take a break from quilting for a week so I could really concentrate on learning to crochet. I really wanted a portable craft for those times when I don't have a binding ready to sew on. After making the obligatory beginner scarf, it was time to move on to something cute and useful. What could fit that bill better than those darling little baby hats with the huge flowers that can be seen on every photography site on the Internet? Here is the fruit of my labor and I have to say, I think I am addicted.
 These can be made in just a few hours (even if you are a beginner) and are a perfect baby gift for those times when you don't have time to make a quilt or you don't know the new parents that well but still want to give them a home stitched gift.
  For an awesome FREE pattern I went to the Aesthetic Nest blog and found just what I was looking for... and a lot more! Here is the link for the tutorial and it is also available in PDF form there.
 And for the baby boys, I went to Anneliese's Etsy shop and purchased the baby earflap hat. Wouldn't want them to feel left out! That will be my next crochet project.
 That particular pattern comes with directions to make this adorable Ruffled Rose so I added it to a hat I already had made. It doesn't seem to matter that the flower is, in fact, larger than a newborn baby's head! It just makes it all that much cuter! lol
   Anneliese explained that crochet is more forgiving than knitting, which a big plus for me. It also is cool that it cannot be reproduced by a machine like knitting can.
  If you haven't learned to crochet yet, I encourage you to try it. It's a great, portable craft that yields beautiful results. I told my husband, "I cannot believe I am making something so cute out of a piece of string!"  Blessing to you~               

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