Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quilt Show Inspiration

This weekend was our guild's show. What an amazing transformation to watch as we all worked together to show our community some of the incredible talent tucked away here. I tried to take a picture every hour so you could see the progress. This was taken around 8AM the day before the       show as the racks were being positioned.

                                               Next, all of the racks were assembled.

                                         Then, the hanging of the quilts on the lower level.

                                   Upper level complete and vendors are allowed to set up.

This is such a lovely venue it's a pleasure to spend three days there. Looking out across the colorful quilts from the upper level is breathtaking! In part, due to these...         
                                    And then there were special treats like this little gem.

And lots of these. I thought the award committee did a fantastic job making them. But then, you know how I love flowers. :o) That's a little mirror in the middle. 

What a fun weekend but... WHEW! Blessings to you~


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  1. How many are in your guild, Lucy? I can't believe how many quilts there are displayed here! And my eyes cross just thinking of quilting that teeny little one...

  2. We had 55 members this year and they are a very talented bunch. I call them "over achievers" to make myself feel better! We had 250 quilts in the show, which is down 50 from two years ago. No one seemed to notice though, thank goodness! Thanks for stopping by!