Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chocolate Butterflies and WIP

While checking out blogs I came across Sisteroo and got some great ideas. It's a fun blog by four sisters who have very different backgrounds. I especially fell in love with these lacy chocolate butterflies and dragonflies. Aren't they pretty and delicate looking? "Lawyer" shows us how to make them here with a great tutorial that makes me feel like I could even do it!
This post about turning a plain pair of pumps into a layered heel style that mimics a VERY expensive Kate Spade style is drool worthy also. In a different way, of course.

I rarely post about a work in progress but it was a giveaway requirement so here I go...
It is a charity quilt made from all kinds of dog prints using the 10 minute block technique. I plan to put a solid sashing between the blocks since there are a variety of prints being used. I did manage to make each block from the same print though. It's going together quickly which is fine with me. I like to see fast progress!
Blessings to you,



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  1. I love the contrast in this post. The dragonfly cupcakes look like they would take forever and a day to make, and you have them paired with the adorable 10 minute doggy block. Expedience! You could do both in a day.

    Jennifer Schifano Eutsler

  2. Thanks ladies! Jennifer, did you notice which of the two projects I actually did myself and which one I "borrowed"? Haha