Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quilt Care Labels

 You can kind of tell how valued a quilt is going to be by the way it is received when you present it to someone.Do you ever give a quilt as a gift and think to yourself "I wonder if this person has any idea how much work went into this. Do they know how to clean and care for a quilt?". 

Well, I can't guarantee your precious labor of love won't be used as a rug or dog bed, but I did find something wonderful that Cindi wrote about at Seams To Be You and Me. Care labels for quilts! Isn't that brilliant? She has a tutorial that explains the whole process and shows how she made hers. I like that it doesn't replace a regular quilt label but is added in addition to it.


She printed them on both sides so she could add her web site too. I think this is a LONG overdue idea whose time has come! Please leave Cindi a comment if you have praise or questions. I hear bloggers like that! :o)

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